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als-kind2_bearbeitetI was born in Munich with a dual citizenship – Germany & Switzerland – in 1992 . After 7 years in Bavaria my family moved to Salzburg and I found a new, inspiring home: Austria.
It took me a while to realise that my sister initiated my passion for acting. She was an art photographer and picked me as her favourite object. That’s how I learned to be truthful in front of the camera. Later on I was rather into singing than acting (mainly benefited by my granny) but after my first acting course I knew that acting is my path. Well, here I am, a graduated actress based in Munich and Vienna, living my dream!

I speak English fluently as well as some French. I have been working on Received Pronunciation with Kay Welch from RADA (2015 – 2016). I also do American English, Bavarian, various Austrian dialects and High German.