Emily Schmeller

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Born with a dual citizenship – Germany & Switzerland – in 1992 . After 7 years in Bavaria my family moved to Salzburg and I found a new, inspiring home: Austria.
It took me a while to realise that my sister initiated my passion for acting. She was an art photographer and picked me as her favourite object. She taught me how to be truthful in front of the camera and not mind her at all. That was my first lesson to learn. Later on I was rather into singing than acting (mainly benefited by my granny). Soon after my first acting course I knew that acting is my path. Well, here I am, a working actress based in Munich and Vienna, living my dream!

I speak English fluently as well as some French. I have been working on Received Pronunciation with Kay Welch from RADA (2015 – 2016). I also do American English, Bavarian, various Austrian dialects and High German. I find language and accents as expression of identity the most interesting. It marks my art. Always chasing my truth…